Return On Investment – Easily see how you can save money no matter the size of the grow operation.

How fast can I recoup my investment with RapidGrow?

RapidGrow products are 60% cooler than HID products, reducing energy costs for Air Conditioning. They also consume far less energy than HID products. Depending on which product you choose, RapidGrow can save you between $200 and $400 per fixture each year in energy savings alone. And with RapidGrow, there is no need to relamp every 6-12 months to maintain your PAR levels. RapidGrow’s LED light sources are warrantied for 5 years under normal conditions. Typically, RapidGrow can provide a return on investment in LESS THAN 2 YEARS!

RapidGrowLED Case Study

200 Light Grow Facility
6 Unit RapidGrow Fixtures Replacing 1000 Watt HID Fixtures
Energy Cost: $.10 per KWH
Based on running 12 hrs on / 12 hrs off

Initial Investment Cost HID: $70,000
Initial Investment Cost RapidGrow: $150,000

Cost to Operate HID per year @ $.10/KWH $94,608
Cost to relamp HID per year $20,000
Cost to Operate RapidGrow per year $58,276

Variable Costs of HID per year $114,608
Variable Costs of RapidGrow per year $58,276

RapidGrow Savings per year $56,332

Return on Investment 17 Months

Total Cost of 3 year HID Operation $453,824
Total cost of 3 year RapidGrow Operation $324,828

Total RapidGrow Savings in 3 years $128,996