RPG Greenhouse

The RPG is optimally designed for greenhouse operations, being able to easily mount to Uni-strut with a remote-mounted driver box. Designed for high PPFD and broad coverage over a large area, this is your go-to solution for large scale Greenhouse environments. With multiple spectral distributions available, we can customize your fixture to match your specific cultivation needs.The RPG is completely scalable from 300W to 600W.


Key Features

  • Die Cast Aluminum Construction
  • Rapid Bloom, Seed to Harvest, Rapid Veg or Broad Light Spectrum options
  • Adjustable Wattage Output
  • Optimized 45° Greenhouse Optic
  • Uni-strut Mounted
  • Ideal for all Greenhouse project
  • 750μmol/s to 1,500μmol/s
  • PangeaLink compatible